Cleaning out my (pantry) closet…..

Where have all my pastas gone? Its a very very sad day for me today. One of the foods that I could eat just about every day is apparently working against me and my goals. Pasta…pasta pasta pasta how I love thee!

Today I cleaned out my pantry. A couple of things to keep in mind aka some of the small excuses I use to keep some of items I kept.  Baby steps for me ;)

  1. I do not live by myself — although my other half is way more conscious of what he eats than I have been!
  2. I have a 3 year-old niece who expects that her favorite tia has chocolate milk on hand when she comes over.

So here it is….I’m taking carbs out of my diet! Wait! Let me rephrase. I am taking all the Simple Carbs out of my diet! Carbohydrates are essiential to your body. They are the little things that give you energy, your gasoline. But there are two types of carbs:

  • Simple Carbs — are also called simple sugars and are chemically made of one or two sugars. They absorb quickly into your body….yeah my beloved pastas would fall into this category. Oh yeah and that fast food that you and I love…..simple carbs… and not to mention pretty overall yucky for your body.
  • Complex — also known as starches and are made of three or more linked sugars. These take longer to break down into sugars. I would say, regretfully, that my pasta does NOT fit into this category.

The good news. I can train my taste buds to enjoy whole wheat pastas ;) but for now these babies are leaving my household.

I am also giving up fast food and soda. That’s it, they are out!

I will let you know how it goes.

Below are pictures of my adventure in carbohydrate removal…..they are not pretty :P

<3 Besitos!




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  1. Monica December 29, 2011 at 12:51 pm # Reply


    You bring up a very good point! My plan for the site is to add healthy recipes so thank you for joining me from the beginning! I have a great protein muffin recipe that I’ll post in a couple of days!!

    I also want to say that I am not a doctor but an avid reader of all things healthy. It’s important to consult with your doctors to discuss any diet you plan on doing. Ultimately, smaller portions and regular exercise will help you loose weight.

    As for your questions on what’s good and what’s bad for you. If you can remember this it will be helpful. “if God made it eat it, if man made it don’t!” That alone answers your question to soda. Processed foods are surrounding us everywhere so I know how hard it is to stay away from them. Baby steps are important, because if you try to stop cold turkey it’s going to be harder to succeed. My baby step is refined carbs, like my pastas! It’s only a kick start because I know I can not completely give them up but I am looking for alternatives. Like Quinoa (a good source of protein) which tastes really good and reminds me of rice.

    I hope that helps and I hope you continue reading as I will add my meals and my recipes.


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