Are all ZUMBA® classes the same?

Nope! Every ZUMBA®  instructor decides on their own playlist for their classes, so you can expect every ZUMBA®  class will have different songs played throughout the work 0ut.   Those instructors who are associated with the ZUMBA®  Instructor Network (ZIN) receive new instructional DVD and music as material that can be used in the classes they teach. 

An instructor can decide to use all, some or none of the songs from ZUMBA®  corporate in that month’s playlist.  Many ZUMBA®  Instructors create their own choreography to songs using a special ZUMBA®  Fitness formula to ensure the choreography that is created focuses on the benefits of the ZUMBA® work out.

The Pink Mat/Monica Vazquez is a member of the ZIN network. View Monica’s ZUMBA® profile.

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