San Antonio Spurs Zumba ® Halftime show


Well hello there! It has been a little while since my last post but things have been happening around the pink mat’s world! March is the busiest/most fun month of the year for me! Celebrating several family birthdays (mine included), south by south west festivities, and this year my very first Zumba ® teaching opportunity! (but that’s a whole new post!)

Another AMAZING experience was performing at the halftime show during the San Antonio Spurs vs the Denver Nuggets basketball game! I know crazy huh! Looking for me in the picture above?? Hint: Look for my pink shoes!!

In February, some instructors were informed about the opportunity and I was totally down for the experience.  The day of the show we were given two hours of practice before the game started. A friend of mine, Martha, joined me for the fun. Check out the pictures on The Pink Mat‘s Facebook page… You’ll see that we took over a little more than just the basketball court lol. We had some fun being “sports reporters” for the day. After practiced we roamed San Antonio for some food and ended up at a small BBQ place that was super good!

The game started around 8:30 pm and we cheered on the home team. The end of the 1st quarter came quickly and Martha and I made our way down to backstage where we were met by more that 250 Zumba ® instructors and students. OMG I was stoked…so excited! You could feel the excitement and nerves everywhere you turned. Although performing a Zumba ® routine in front of thousands of people can be nerve-wracking….I was so ready. I didn’t care if I messed up because heck, that’s how I feel in a regular Zumba ® class… Dance like no one is watching and just feel the music!

The routine lasted less than 4 minutes but I had the time of my life! Professional basketball game performance….checked off the bucket list.

If you have never taken a Zumba ® class because you are worried about other people watching you dance…..just remember, dance like no one is looking and just feel the music!  Rock it out :D

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