Set Goals and Reach Them


One thing you may not know about me (even if you read my first blog) is that I have a pretty type A personality.  I wasn’t born with it, I didn’t even have it growing up.  I guess it just appeared one day out of the blue.  Actually, truth be told, I’m probably in between A and B but the A in me comes out in certain situations/times.

Every year on the first of the year I sit down with my excel worksheet open and I set goals for each area in my life like financial goals, spiritual goals, health goals, family goals, etc.  It’s important to me to write down my specific goals because it’s easier for me to reach them if I have something to follow.  I would highly suggest for you to do the same, only if you want to reach your goals!

Here are some tips:

  1. Be Realistic! – It is not realistic to loose 30 pounds in 2 weeks.  It is realistic to loose 2 pounds a week.  If you are not realistic you are setting yourself up for failure.  Why? Because when 2 weeks rolls around and you’re not 30 pounds lighter then you’ll go back to the small talk in your head that says it is impossible to loose weight.
  2. Plan Ahead.  This is one of my goals.  You see what I do is fall into a trap of loosing time.  Before I know it I need to run out of the house to go to work and I end up having to stop by a fast food place for lunch because I don’t have anything to eat.  Last month I went shopping and I spent 1 hour of my day on a Sunday and chopped up all my fruits and veggies.  Do you know how easy it was for me to grab something in the morning and run off?  Try it, and I will too!
  3. Track your Progress!  Write down your goals, visit them again in a month and see how far you’ve come.  It is an amazing feeling to see where you stand and also to reevaluate your new position.
  4. Stay Positive!  This is for every aspect of your life.  Surround yourself with positive things and people and you’ll be addicted to the positivity!  Things are going to happen that will set you back from reaching your goal….but remember tomorrow is another day.  In the words of a very famous blue fish…”just keep swimming, just keep swimming!”
  5. Be Patient!  Oh what’s your hurry?  Greatness takes time and you need to understand this.  This goes back to the first 4 tips.  Goals are a progress meant to be reached but it won’t happen over night.
  6. Be Visual.  If you aren’t like me and excel just makes you mad…make a vision board.  Cut out pictures of the things that you want and put them on a board somewhere you’ll see it everyday. is a great tool also!!
  7. Don’t be afraid of failure.  Ekk!  This is a tough one.  We are wired to want to win, to succeed.  But remember that we all fail, the important thing is to continue trying because the first failure and even your second, will lead you in a better direction to success.
  8. Ask Questions.  Don’t try to do it all on your own, when you get stuck ask someone for help.
  9. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!! The goals you set are attainable, because you followed the number 1 tip of being realistic.  So you got this!  You just have to believe that you can do it!
I would to hear about your goals now and throughout the year!
<3 Besitos




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